Christmas Movie Night

Watching White Christmas and Micah is torn by the emotional conflict caused by a simple misunderstanding. #soManyFeelings

The third snow wheel.

I feel as though I might have interrupted something by coming out into the living room this morning. Sorry snow people, my bad. #awkward

A new Christmas, an old tradition.

This year comes in a new house, with a new tree, wearing new lights, but the same squinty eyes and blurred vision to make the colors seem magical.

Feline Sermon Help

Kitties are always willing to come help as you finalize your sermon. Oscar’s here to assure proper punctuation and grammar. #fancyKitty

Tia the season.

We are putting up decorations and Micah’s mind is already MELTING. #MerryChristmasLP

Concert Selfies

We had fun even while we’re waiting for the show to start.