What’s a noggingrande?

nog•gin |’nägin|

1. a person’s head.

gran•de |’gran’dé|

1. large, big.

The term noggingrande is a nonsensical word that is made up of smashing the english word noggin together with grande, the spanish word for big. By all accounts the word came into being in 1997 when it was used by Fred Garber to describe my uniquely sized head. Despite my smaller stature compared to many, my head measures at over 24 inches in circumference, and while I have been told it doesn’t look disproportional to the rest of my body, it still stands out as a prominent physical feature-thus the term “noggingrande”.

At the time of it’s inception, no one knew that the term would stick the way it has, but it’s become something of a pseudonym for me. I’m rather proud of my freak head – especially because it’s a family trait that I’ve apparently passed down to my own son born in December of 2009. I’ve used it for years as my online persona and so when beginning a blog about many of the things I find most interesting and important to my identity it seemed fitting to don that cap (pun intended) once more and call it noggingrande.

I hope you all enjoy what you find here at noggingrande’s blog. We’ll see just how far this how adventure goes and hope some of the things bouncing around this larger skull of mine will be of interest or use to someone!


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