I’m going to try to make something

To say I have struggled with my blog in 2012 would be an understatement. I’m close to putting the whole thing into hibernation and revisiting it in six months or so, but I can’t shake the desire to keep it going.

However, I’ve failed at gathering any momentum whatsoever in my writing. I’ve started posts and deleted posts. I’ve wanted to engage in conversations and start my own and nothing came from any of it. Sure, after starting the engines of Joe Watkins Design back up I’ve been busier, and perhaps that’s the reason for the whole problem, but I’m starting to think there’s something else going on.

The Controversy Temptation

What I’ve come to realize this week is that everything I’ve been trying to do lately has been about critiquing or responding to some internet controversy or problem I have with big-shot Pastor such-and-such saying X, Y, and Z about A, B, and C. While there is certainly times and places where a prophetic word or a rebuke is in order, it’s seemed as though everything that I’ve been mulling over lately has taken that form, and quite frankly I’ve had no real role to play in such a task. There are plenty of people writing plenty of blogs posts, saying things with far more merit than I could muster in these circumstances.

I think in part I struggled to write because I’ve sought only to engage in the controversy, and that task leaves me lacking. I’d rather be offering a better story. I’d rather be moving the whole thing forward, not to ignore issues that need confronted, but confronting them through that story as opposed to engaging in the next hot debate.

The Expiration Temptation

Simultaneously I have struggled with the pressure of needing to comment before these controversies expire. The weird thing about the internet is that everything is available whenever you want it, but everything expires before your very eyes. What was today’s furious debate is filed in yesterday’s blog archive.

I’ve thought before, “Well I can’t comment on that blog, it was posted this morning and it’s already 6 p.m.”

I’ve deleted entire posts because I got busy and it was now three whole days since the issue erupted.

Shouldn’t people, especially Christians, be able to find ways to tell stories that last longer, that cause people to slow down and step out of the constant buzz and frenetic pace of our virtual life? I haven’t been doing it, and I want to.

reImagining the Church

So that’s what I want to do. I want to take a long look forward. I want to create a picture, literally and figuratively that offers people a new way into the world in which we live, the hope that we have in Jesus, and what it means to be a community of people in the service of our king.

I’ve used this phrase “reImagining the Church” before and that’s going to be the starting point for what happens here. I’m not trying to reinvent the church, that would be a shame and the highest form of hubris to believe that I could offer a reinvented church that was somehow better than anything the past 2000 years have been able to offer. There is a place, though, for imagining what the church might be able to look like in today’s world that is planted firmly in the Biblical and historical roots of the past. I hope to do something like that here.

I’m certainly not the only person trying to do this either. As I move forward, I’m hoping to involve more voices in the mix. I have friends that are pastors, teachers, thinkers, dreamers, rebel rousers, and the like who I hope to bring on board as a part of the noggingrande community. I have been blessed to know far too many wise, gifted, and faithful people to try and do this alone, and as you will see soon enough, to do so would be such a monumental contradiction of the reImagined church that it would invalidate everything I have to say.


In other words…

Please bear with me as I shift gears. I hope to be at this more regularly now that I’ve begun to tap into something of who God has made me to be. It may take a while to get a rhythm established again, and there will likely be bumps in the road as I try some new things out, but I believe I need to tell a better story. Or perhaps, to tell the same old story in a a much better way so that the love of Jesus and the glory of his kingdom shine out all the clearer to those who hear it. I hope anyone left reading this will be blessed, and I hope you’ll be a part of it.


One Reply to “I’m going to try to make something”

  1. Joe, thanks for this. I’ve been struggling with a lot of the same stuff that you wrote about, except I think you’ve had more wisdom in containing your commentary. Looking forward to whatever else you’re cooking up, and eager to be a part of it.

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