Noah – A sermon of Judgement, Salvation, and Hope

The Flood from New Life Christian Fellowship on Vimeo.

A Call to the Bullpen

So around 9 p.m. Saturday night, we were finishing up our “to dos” for the weekend and moving into relaxing for the evening when I got a text. Mark, our senior pastor at New Life, was texting to say he was sick and couldn’t go Sunday morning. He wanted to know if I could preach. I said I could and we were off and running.

Ok actually that might sound a little more dramatic than reality because thankfully, we are now offering a number of study materials based on each Sunday’s sermon and I’m a part of putting those materials together. This meant that I simply spent the next hour taking the material I’d already studied for a handout and making it a sermon.

It was fun. I figured out a way to incorporate some  doodles into the sermon and we projected the white board on the screen at the church so people could see it better. People seemed to respond pretty well to the whole thing and it was a challenge to create “on the fly” as it were. I figured I’d post it here for folks (mostly my mom) who might want to see a sermon no one but God knew was coming!


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