Well crap – it’s February.

What Happened?

Well I thought about ignoring the fact that I’d neglected writing since Christmas. I thought about just posting a post and going along my merry way like there wasn’t a giant gap in the time line and hoping no one would notice.

Then I thought I should probably say something about it and starting considering the list of reasons why I was gone for so long and it would include things like:

  1. I refocused my efforts on getting business for Joe Watkins Design so that I could actually make an income and contribute to our household.
  2. Our church restructured the way we’re teaching and adjusting to an all new workflow with new responsibilities and adjusting to that has taken more time than usual
  3. Micah is 2 now and a force to be reckoned with

and so on and so forth, but the day I was going to write that post David Nilsen posted his list of the things that made his life crazy and I realized my post was eerily similar so I chickened out and just left things up in the air all over again.

But here it is February, and I feel I need to give some more attention to the blogging that I’ve enjoyed this past year. I really am excited for some ideas I have in the way of community blogging, and those details will come shortly. I’m also excited for some things I want to talk about, even if I talk about them a month and a half late (have you seen the video by the guy who thinks Jesus is better than religion? Has anyone said anything about that yet, because I’d like to).

Something Meaningful

So that’s where things stand, I’m going to push the Coke machine once again and see if I get the whole thing to finally fall over. Anyways, I want to offer something of meaning to people who read this when I take the time to write. For those who are still around, let me simply say this:

The powers of this world are not more powerful than the power of our God. In a year filled with fears and wars and rumors of wars, presidential elections, economic collapse, global injustice, and promises that the end is nigh, let us press on, remembering that the risen Jesus is Lord of the world and the Spirit of God breathes life into our dusty hearts so that they may beat again to the rhythm of the Kingdom. Powers and authorities, kings and dictators, systems that bind and kill and dehumanize will all wither and fade by the breath of God, and justice will roll over all this world like a wave, leaving only life and love in its wake. Jesus has gone before us, the eternal Son in a new and renewed body so that we might know that one day we can have the same. He calls us to live lives defined by where he is, not where he has been. We can be a people, shaped by our future hope of being resurrected with him and experiencing the glory of God’s new creation in its fullness when the cloudy glass of faith is no more.

In short friends, it’s time to change the world.


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