Chaos Shall Not Reign

Based on Readings From: Gen. 1:1-5, Psalm 8, Psalm 29, Psalm 93, Mark 1:4-11, and 1 John 4

From the beginning, everything that was, and is, and is to come, tossed and turned in the tumultuous chaos of the sea. Crashing hither and fro, God’s infant earth teemed with the potential for every kind of good and every kind of woe. Waiting for him to speak.

Seated above these waters, enthroned in glory, majesty, and might, the God of unending power chooses not to allow the potential to go unrealized. He chooses rather to bring for a world in all its beauty. It is a world that will sing forth the glory of its creator. It is a world that will reflect the marvelous wonder of the one by which it was made.

The water churns as the Spirit of God rushes over its surface, and then he speaks.

Eternity is interrupted for the creation of something new, something measured, something limited, something ordered. Chaos is given its place and God’s reign is made evident in the first words. Everything that is and was and is to come sits up and takes notice, finding its purpose and design as God speaks. In perfect harmony to all he desires, the fresh and good creation comes into its own, full of life and vigor and beauty.

What a world! What a God!

And then God does a must curious thing. When everything looks to be in order, when everything looks to be just about proper and right, he risks the entire project for the sake of something more. In the midst of everything that is and was and is to come, God sets forth in making the most unlikely of creatures, with the most unlikely of tasks, that bears inside its bones the potential for great joy in the presence of God and simultaneously the greatest opportunity to spoil God’s great masterpiece.

God creates us.

God, who has put everything just where he wants it, creates space for someone else to choose how the project plays out. He knows the risk. He knows the danger. He knows that once it goes awry the whole thing is harder than it could have been.

But he is not afraid. For he knows the solution. He knows what he will do when the ones meant to represent his image and his reign live as though he is not there. God knows that the hope for the limited creation is the limitless Spirit abiding in the hearts of the image-bearers.

The once working, now broken world tosses and turns as the result of our choices in that day. Wars and rumors of wars, hatred and strife, rich and poor, hungry and gluttonous, broken, beaten, downtrodden. We cry out, “Where can I find help?” The answer is where it has been all along, in the presence of the living God. Who sits enthroned above the chaos and who longs to pour his Spirit out into his people and dwell in us and with us this day.

The seas have tossed and turned for all of time, but they are not more powerful than our God. Despite my own proclivity toward chaos, toward hatred, toward anger, and malice, and self-indulgence, God’s promise remains. He can bring forth order, and peace, and joy, and love in the life of even one like me. I can be restored, for his is the Spirit that made all things and makes all things new.

May his restorative power, his reigning victory, his love and his peace fill your heart and bring you into life this day and forevermore. Amen.


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