The Experiment that Changes Everything

NogginGrande Moving Forward

Creativity confined to the individual it incomplete.

It’s a song with no harmony. A painting with no color. A photo with no subject.

Having come back from Nashville, where I worked with Coincidence Maybe to give visual expression to the music they were finishing, I realized there’s a depth to the creative process that is nearly unreachable alone. It is the rare genius that can delve into the recesses of his or her creativity and emerge with the richest solution possible, and I am not him.

It made me wonder how much better this blog might be if I invited others to the party. Sure I have thoughts about stuff, theological and otherwise, but how much better, richer, more nuanced might the ideas be if other voices sang parts I simply couldn’t reach? With this in mind I invited people to join me to work together to create, to write and reflect and offer something to others.

The result was more than I could have anticipated. The Advent posts moved us toward Christ’s coming in challenging and enriching ways, while the Christmas post was a joy to weave together. The thoughts on Christmas by four different people brought together into a single piece that was stronger than any of the individual contributions. The parts creating something greater than the whole.

A Thought and an Evolving Idea

For this reason I’ve begun to envision a new kind of noggingrande website. Rather than simply creating a space for my own ruminations I’d like to invite others to come along for the ride. People I talk to and know are seeing the world through eyes and hearing the voice of God with ears that put the pieces together differently than most and who offer a way forward in order for others to see life differently. There will be new contributors (and hopefully returning ones as well). Groups of writers will be invited to hash out ideas and come up with ways for Christians to better examine, address, and understand what it means to live faithfully before God in today’s world.

Once launched, will be a place for people with big ideas. Where dreamers can not only dream, but invite others into their creativity and find ways to see their dreams blossom in the world. My hope is that in out of this endeavor, the people involved might work with others to reach a deeper understanding of the richness of God’s glory and kingdom, while having their voices heard and inviting others to do the same.

So come and join in the fun. It will either be awesome or a bit of a train wreck, or perhaps a little of both. In either case, there will be a greater chance of something beautiful being created than if I simply sit and blather on all by myself.


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