At Just the Right Time

I Could Not Be More Behind

Despite the longer than usual Advent season, I have ran chasing my to-do list and never quite being able to catch up.

Everything takes longer than expected.

The cookies failed, cards went out late, the shopping and the decorating seemed to string along all season long. Despite plans and the best of intentions I simply have not been able to make up ground. Now I sit two days away from Christmas, still with things to do, and noticing how things just don’t feel all that Christmassy.

The most frustrating part about all of this is that we were trying to have a different Christmas this year. One where we stayed clear of the rat-race and the chaos. One that had more meaning and less rush.

But Christmas Is Still Coming…

But this morning I had a realization, and it’s made all the difference in the world.

Christmas will still come.

Despite the rush, despite the packaging, boxes and bags. Despite the last-minute baking and praying that the USPS can deliver letters and packages on time, the Whos down in Who-ville will still sing. Christmas will stand in the public square Sunday and declare, “I am here! Celebrate!”

…and Christ Shall Not Be Late

Most importantly, with just a few days left in Advent, I find rest in the reality that Christ will come. We will still have a chance to celebrate his birth. The drawing near of the Kingdom of God is truly at hand, despite how behind my life might feel.

Mary and Joseph will make the journey.

The baby will still be born.

The shepherds will worship and the magi will arrive. 

That is the enduring faithfulness of God that we find in Christmas. His plan is true, and whether we wait peacefully, or get caught in the rush of the pageantry, Christmas will still come and Christ will still be born.

And our hope remains…Christ will come again, at just the right time, and complete his work of justice, righteousness, and peace and remake creation as it was meant to be. May we look forward to Christmas in the remaining days and to the return of our Lord at the end of the age.


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