Thin Places to Drink

I was dry.

Searching for a drink of the Spirit of God that might quench my soul’s thirst. So I went to an old well and found it still overflowing.

I stuck my head in the basin and let the water cascade over my shoulders and down my back. I drank deep from the cup and came up refreshed.

I found a thin place where the veil of heaven and earth is more like the translucent color of a stained glass window, and where Jesus is ever nearer. Where silence beckons and laughter awaits. I sat in the midst of strangers and friends and was offered a draft of the Kingdom brew with all its vigor and life.

Having tasted and remembered I went on my way, thankful for the living water that I often forget is mine to drink.

Where are those wells in your life, those thin places where heaven and earth seemingly overlap?


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