The Dust of Spiritual Thirst

I’m dry.

In the midst of doing ministry, working to relaunch my design brand, trying to contribute to the internet’s vast conversation about God, faith, the church, and sticky faith, and living daily as a stay-at-home dad I find myself in need of refreshing.

I started to put my finger on it this week when a friend on Facebook mentioned needing a good Taizé service. My soul cried out, “ME TOO!”

Then I read David Nilsen’s guest post at New Ways Forward, and his description of wrestling with God as his enthusiasm for Calvinism dried up resonated with the panting of my own spirit. For reasons both different and yet similar I find myself in the arid desert of drudgery.

So I turn to the folks who happen past this site and ask, “How do you find refreshment when your spirit is dry? How do you maintain your soul’s hydration?”


4 Replies to “The Dust of Spiritual Thirst”

  1. I’m so glad your good question scrolled up on my tag search this morning. I know the feeling you’re talking about. But this dryness can actually be a pretty good sign, and is treated of in most good books on prayer and spiritual direction.

    From my own experience I can concur with those who suggest that it is a sign not that God has ‘stepped back’ in any other way than as an adult steps back a little in the swimming pool to allow a child to ‘get deeper’ and learn to swim. It happens when we have begun to see past the old lures which intellectual and spiritual ‘idols’ previously had for us (your friend’s ref to Calvinism for example). Since God is ultimately waiting beyond all such things, our ‘spiritual eyes’ must still adjust to the space behind the idol when he draws back (as he moves closer to the deep water in which he bids us to be with him). So at first we see little or nothiing that is clear or refreshing – only darkness. The answer is to persist in prayer and keep asking for light. Especially if we are already committed on so many good ministry levels (as you are), the dryness has to be a prayer thing and not a service thing.

    I don’t want to offend further by mentioning specific authors (not knowing your theology) but the phrase “spiritual dryness” should turn up a broad harvest on google, from which you might find something to your taste.

    Anyway thanks for the post, and the blog – an occasion for reflection this morning.

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