And the Winner Is…

The 100th Post Winner

Well I numbered the eligible comments from the 100th in the order they were posted and came up with the following 8 valid entries.

  1. Rhett Miller
  2. David Nilsen
  3. Rhett Miller
  4. Michelle Pearson
  5. Stephanie Jones
  6. Mary Stephens
  7. Mary Stephens
  8. Sarah Ronk

I headed over the for an unbiased, random-number generator and in the presence of 2 witness (my wife Gwynne and our cat Brutus) returned the winning number. So without further ado, let me announce the winner of the 100th Post Comment Contest:

Rhett Miller

Congratulations to Rhett! I will contact you directly and we can talk about what you want. I will post the image here on the blog for folks to see when it’s done. Thanks everyone for participating in the comment contest. I’m having a blast with this idea and will likely do more comment contests in the future.

Involving others through the 100th Post Comment Contest was one of the things I’ve been the most excited for since starting this blog so I thought I’d take time to look forward to two more upcoming events that have me jazzed going forward.

Coming for Advent

After I came back from Nashville, I invited folks to be a part of a cooperative blogging project and I’m glad to announce that I had some interest. Dwana Back, Angie Rines, and Gwynne Watkins and I will be working on a series during Advent. Some of the posts will be written by a single author and at least one will be a collaborative effort. I’m incredibly excited to bring some new voices to the website, and am looking forward to moving toward Christmas with my new contributors.

Going in the New Year

To a new web address. That’s right, in January I am going to move from my blog service to With this move will come a new, more personal style, and finally land me at the web address I’ve wanted to call home for a long time. I’ll remind folks as the year ends so you know where to find noggingrande on the web.


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