Creating in Community

Working Alongside Coincidence Maybe

Have you heard the music of Coincidence Maybe? If not, you should.

I’ll wait. 

Of all the work I’ve done over the years, no project ever gives me the joy and the fulfillment like working with the guys from Coincidence. I am currently working on my fourth project with the guys and this experience is unlike any other. While I have always tried to gain access to the work they were doing to find the visual language for the music they were making, this is the first time I’ve had the chance to join them in studio.

The experience of working alongside the band as they lay down the tracks and bring this project to life, as I sit and sketch and dream and bring to life a whole new world for The Essence Vol. 1 fills every nook and cranny of my creative being. Sketches are born out of musical asides and things that would have never been now exist because we are sharing space. Creating, side by side.

I wonder how often we neglect the power of creating together.

How many sermons could benefit from this approach? How many blog posts could find hidden depth and meaning with the aid of multiple contributors? Is it any wonder that God chose not to have his creation reproduce asexually, but instead created them in such a way that they would need to come together to join in his creative process?

It’s a shame though that the word “creative” has been relegated to the world of art. It certainly belongs there, but not only there. In service, in construction, in financial work, and parenting, might we all be better served to find our own areas of creativity, and then invite people without whom our best work could never be known to join us in the work?

In what areas are you creative? How has working alongside others aided your creativity? Would you like to join me in a creative, collaborative blogging project to see what happens? If so, comment and let me know!


7 Replies to “Creating in Community”

  1. Creative, collaborative blogging project? Hmmmm… Since I love the written word but have never been disciplined enough (or felt like I had enough to say that was worth saying) to keep a journal or my own blog, this idea is kind of intriguing. You know where to find me if you would like to discuss. 😉

  2. I’m finally getting back to my blog after a crazy week and a half. I’ll send you all a message this week with some of my ideas and you can let me know what you think.

    I’m quite excited people are actually interested in this!

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