My Old Computer and My New Heart

My Computer Problem

My laptop is old. Not decades old, but like 6 years old, which in computer years is a long time. It still works great but for one fatal flaw, it runs on an old heart.

To be more specific (and nerdy) my PowerBook G4 runs on an old PowerPC processor that Apple no longer supports. They switched over to a processor made by Intel in 2006, and while that wasn’t a problem for my PowerBook for a few of years, in 2009 they updated the Mac Operating System to a version that would no longer run on the old PowerPC computers and since then the future has looked bleak.

Even after 2009, however, the PowerBook has chugged along, only showing small signs here and there of an inability to keep up in the new computer age. I try to keep its hard drive clean and organized so that it can run at its best, and it seems to do ok. That’s starting to change, however, as more and more programs are written beyond the capabilities of the PowerPC chip. Every day even programs like web browsers are now too advanced for the processor in my PowerBook, and sadly it looks like its days are numbered.

I made a nerdy timeline to help illustrate the situation.

Our Heart Problem

The problem I face with my PowerBook provides a useful illustration for the problem we all face as people. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves that we can. We imagine what it would look like and we might even set goals to accomplish it, but in the end we have one fatal flaw that keeps us from obtaining our goal, we run on an old heart.

To be more specific, we run on a heart that is tied to a world that has ultimately rejected God. Its a heart that, despite our best efforts and our most sincere desires, thinks first of itself before others and defaults to preservation before love. Even when we order the parts of our life around our heart as best we can, and build habits in our lives that look good, and holy, and religious, and kind it doesn’t change the fact that our heart is inadequate.

And what’s more, God has announced that he is no longer supporting this old heart. In the coming of Jesus, God began a new thing and announced that this new thing, his new kingdom age, would require a radical change in people–it would require a new heart.

Certainly we will be able to chug along, doing the best we can for the time being with this old-world heart, but there will come a day when it won’t be enough. Our heart, corrupted as it is, will be unable to sustain life in the new kingdom age. Our days are numbered.

The Glorious Solution

Thankfully there is more hope for us than for my PowerBook. Jesus came, not only to start this new kingdom age, but to offer us a new heart that will last. This new heart gives us life in the new age, even while the old age is waning. This new heart gives us the ability to live on in the kingdom, in love for God and for others so that as we then begin to live into the imagination of the better versions of ourselves, we come into harmony with the way our new heart is meant to function. Its available to everyone, and while it does mean a totally new understanding of the old-heart world in which we live, the price for the transplant has already been paid by Jesus.

So while my PowerBook has no hope of having an Intel chip installed to prolong its life, I’m grateful that God does offer us all a new heart. Now if only I could stop trying to live an old-heart life in the midst of a new-heart reality, I might become that better version of me I’ve been hoping for.


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