A Better Version of You

Who do you wish you could be? 

Not whose life do you wish you could have, or what celebrity you envy the most, but rather what version of you do you wish you could be? In your core?

Seriously, take a minute and stop what you’re doing and think about it. Close your eyes if it helps, and imagine what a day would be like in the life of you if at every turn you made the very best decision possible. If you were to live one day as the best possible version of you, who would you be?

Does your body relax when you think about it? Mine does. My face and jaw loosen up and I begin to dream about a better version of myself then I’ve ever known.

When I think about who I want to be, I think of a person who keeps himself from being caught up in high-paced current of the today’s world. My life is a lot slower, more purposeful, more meaningful.

I imagine a person who stops regularly to pray and to reflect.

I imagine a person who never hesitates to reach out and help, or to meet that new person, or to make time to pour into the life of my wife and son. I can see myself writing letters to friends I never see, and working hard to do good, fulfilling work.

In this better version of myself, I breath freely and live with a joy that never ends.  I live to please God and to follow Jesus in his kingdom. I’m not worried about what that means, rather I’m devoted to simply being that person.

What about you? Who are you in the dreams of your mind? Who do you love better and how? How do you envision yourself living as a fully alive version of you?


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