The Unparalleled Value of Imagination

Imagination sets us free.

It gives us vision to see things as they might be or ought to be, rather than the way they look to be. This is critical for gospel work. We must begin to engage the imagination of people to allow them to see in their minds eye an existence that is other than what they see day to day.

Christians must begin to tell stories, like Jesus did, that call people to envision a reality beyond the oppressive tendencies of this world.

Can we imagine a world where our first instinct is to forgive rather than entrench?

Can we imagine a world where our first response to violence is peace?

Can we imagine a world where possessions have no hold over our hearts, but are tools to be used for generosity and life?

Can we imagine a church where its people are led by the Spirit of God and the law written on our hearts rather than the need for a new law written on paper?

For those whose faith is placed in the person of Jesus, we are entirely new creations made new in Christ and we must begin to imagine what that means for living. My prayer is that my own imagination extends beyond today, and that my teaching begins to invite people into the story of the Gospel and imagine what it means that Jesus IS Lord.


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