So Stoked for Sticky Faith

I wrote a long reflection piece about today’s Sticky Faith webcast. I liked what I said and I might post it later this week. But as I read it I realized something was missing.

I had totally left out just how jacked up I am coming off of that webcast. 

Seriously. I was amped from the word go today. To sit and hear people talk about the very things we are trying to do in our church, to know that the changes we are dreaming up are happening in other churches throughout the country is mind-blowing, and encouraging.

So I’ll leave the more heady post for another day. Today I want to invite you to find someone in the youth group of your church and get to know them. That’s all.

Once you’ve begun that relationship, sit back and see what sorts of awesome stuff God is doing in their lives and ask, “How can I be a part of that?” God is calling the church to recognize the levels to which we have neglected to kids and teens in our midst and he’s moving in the hearts of people like those involved with the Fuller Youth Institute to cry out, “God cares about them too, they are a part of his church, stop relegating them to the corners and the professionals, love them!”

If we are willing to be so bold, we will see a new kind of church arise, and a generation of students will find they are better able to live out their faith no matter what happens in the world in which they live. That excites me. That jacks me up.

That’s why I’m in youth ministry!

Did you watch the webcast today? What excited you the most? What was your biggest question when it was done?


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