The Broken Heart of a Loving Father

“What have you done?”

The echo of the words of their heavenly creator hung heavy in the air as Adam and Eve stood in the presence of God. Desperately clinging to their broken fig leaves, they try to hide their shame. Pointing fingers they try to shift the blame, but it’s too late. In their disobedience they have altered all of human history and now they stand before the one who is able to judge and condemn, awaiting their doom.

Countless are the number of times I’ve heard this story. I could analyze it and break it apart a million different ways. I could tell you why it’s important theologically. It’s not a new story at all.

But listening to it today I nearly cried. In the sermon entitled Where Are You?, Bruxy Cavey told this story within the framework of God’s unending love, and for the first time in my life I heard not the voice of a wrathful, angry God, but instead I heard the broken heart of a father who knew this day would come.

I heard for the first time, the heavy sigh of a kind and loving God who knows the pain that must now follow. I saw for the first time, his posture as it bore the weight of the ramifications that Adam and Eve have yet to experience. I imaged for the first time, of the sorrow that would well up in my heart to watch Micah make the single most destructive decision of his life.

It caught in my throat before I knew what hit me and I saw God differently than before.

I saw a God who hates sin because it destroys his children. I saw a God who weeps over the death and unbelief that tears lives apart. I saw a God who could only respond to the brokenness by finding a way to bring life and breath back into his children – by any means necessary.

I saw a God whose heart broke that day, and felt again the shame of all the times I’ve reached for the forbidden, causing the one who loves me more than anyone to shake his head and ask,

“What have you done?”



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