To be fully alive.

What does it mean to offer the world Jesus?

If the church is to fulfill its role as the means by which God offers the world life through Jesus, we must answer this question.

To offer the world Jesus is to tell the story of how he made it possible, through his death, resurrection and ascension for humankind to truly live life. To say over and over again that that better version of you, the one who is not short-tempered, who makes the right decisions, who reaches out in love for the sake of the other, who sings quietly in the midst of the storm because no fear can grip your heart, who gives when giving will still hurt, and who stands against violence and oppression without becoming violent and oppressive, that better version of you that we all wish to be is made possible because Jesus died and rose again…

…and then to LIVE like it’s actually true.

I don’t do it. Most of the time I live like nothing significant has ever taken place, but I don’t have to. No, because of Jesus I can live a life which is fully alive, and so can you.

How have you heard this story told in a way that moved your heart so that you actively sought to grow beyond where you are to where you could be?


2 Replies to “To be fully alive.”

  1. Love this post, friend. It’s hard to say which way I’ve heard the story has touched me the most, but when we truly experience this love that God has for us, something happens: something that we can’t explain. I think really, it takes our own initiative in being truly connected to the vine, and when we are…we can’t stop the movement that takes place.

    1. Thanks for sharing Shannon! Abiding in the vine of Jesus is one of my favorite ways to hear about the love of God. I wonder if it’s sometimes so difficult to explain because it’s an experience that’s meant to be lived out – does that make sense?

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