Weekend Rewind: Camping Edition

Photo by Victoria Crump

This weekend we had our annual {2:42} youth group camp out. We returned to our old camp site in Anderson, IN for the first time since 2008 and it was good to be back. For almost the entire group, this was their first camping trip at Timberick and everyone seemed to have a blast.

Our focus for the weekend was the challenge to us all that God can and will use any of us, no matter our age or stage in life, if we are willing to be used by him.

Do you believe that God can use you, right where you are, if you are willing?

Interestingly, I realized that while I believe that about myself, I often forget that it applies to others as well. I forget that God cannot only use me right here and right now, but he can, and does, also use you. Sure, I give lip service to the reality of God’s equipping of all the saints, but do I make it a possibility? How often do I open up the experience of youth ministry to others and let them use their gifts and talents to speak the gospel of Jesus into the life of students?

Thankfully, I was challenged with this reality because rather than doing what I often do, I opened that door and let others stand in the gap instead. While I set the stage be telling the story of King Josiah’s faithfulness on Friday night, I asked others in our group to be the messengers of God for the weekend. We were blessed as a group to hear from our two oldest students on the trip as Stacia and Bethany opened up the scriptures and talked about God’s power to equip us to overcome evil in the world, and God’s desire that we overcome that evil by being the good that the Kingdom of God has to offer. Saturday night Danny DeVault, one of our adult counselors, reminded the group of Paul’s admonishion that we run the race of faith with perseverance so that we might win the prize that awaits and not be disqualified, and Sunday morning Craig Blanton (another adult counselor) charged the group with the task of spending time with God each day and loving God and others before ourselves so that we could maintain an attitude of the heart to be used by God.

What a weekend, and it would have been less powerful if I would have done it all. This camping trip comes at a time when we are rethinking what it means to be the youth group at New Life. I am encouraged to find new ways to call on others to be used by God. My prayer is that as a community we can better minister in the name of Jesus, because my voice alone simply is not enough.

When has someone opened a door for you to be used by God? How can more churches be equipping churches and not programming churches?


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