Weekend Rewind: Raiding Goodwill

It was Stacia’s idea, and since this was the last Sunday night youth before we leave for Wounded Knee in two weeks, I knew it was the only chance we would really have. So we did it.

Well Stacia did it mostly.

As one of the juniors in our group she’s one of our leaders so she contacted as many of the youth as possible and said, come early to youth and bring $10. We have one hour until Goodwill closes and we are going to raid the place for everything we can to give to the people at Wounded Knee.

So we took our group and $115 and did it.

Teens love to give. Despite the fact that they are constantly sold to and meant to think they cannot be satisfied, give them concrete ways to give and to help others and they jump at the chance, joyfully!

Of course the immediate push back is, “Well but, most of those kids probably got their $10 from their parents, and it’s easy to give stuff away and buy stuff when it’s not your money to begin with.”

If only we all had an infinitely rich dad who would give us great wealth in order to care for others. Then we could give more, and that would be totally awesome!


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