What Did I Learn This Week? I am not a writer.

I am not a writer.

I’m not quite sure what it means for my future as an author. Perhaps it means I will fail


Or maybe it means that I’ll have to write a different sort of book. One where I can include all my fun pictures and drawings to explain the ideas in my head. Perhaps it means I’ll have to learn how eBooks can be interactive. Then you can play with my fun drawings and cartoons and illustrations.


Whatever it means, I know that I am inextricably tied to processing, responding to, and communicating through both images and words. When I forget this my brain doesn’t work as well, there’s something missing.

Of course the challenge is that I want to write books about theology and eschatology and ecclesiology and other big concepts that end in -ology. And you can’t include pictures in these sorts of books.

Or can you?

I suppose we’ll find out.

What about you? How are you going to say the things you think you have to say? Because I know you have things to say. 

What else did I learn this week?

  1. I’ve been reading too much Seth Godin. See above.
  2. Kids should sit with their parents in church some of the time.
    During the North American Convention of the Church of God I witnessed something amazing. The speaker that night, Dr. MaryAnn Hawkins, was sharing a great sermon on loving God and loving others and in front of me sat a little girl with her mom. Dr. Hawkins addressed the different groups in the congregation at one point, and the addressed “all you Christians.” The little girl looked up and asked her mom, “Are we ‘all you Christians?’” Her mom said yes, and in that moment the little girl was invited into the great gospel story.
  3. I like being a part of the Church of God.
    We’re peculiar, that’s for sure, but there are good teachers, preachers, family and friends in this movement and I want to be a part of it.
  4. My PowerBook is a beast!
    My iMac hard drive decided to fail again. At least it happened now and not in 45 days when my Apple Care expires. This means that I have been working on my 12 inch PowerBook G4 from 2005. The HD fan runs at near 10,000 rpms, and it sputters a bit, but I have still been able to get my work done. This is why I will always only buy Macs.
  5. I still like Coldplay, especially since the masses are turning on them.

What Did Micah Learn This Week?

  1. Prayers start with “Thank You” – which he demonstrated at dinner by lowering his head and saying “Thank You, babbbble babble babble.” Really, it was pretty awesome. I hope he always associates prayers and thanksgiving.
  2. Funnel Cakes are amazing!
  3. NAC means not having to go to bed until 10 p.m.

2 Replies to “What Did I Learn This Week? I am not a writer.”

  1. If you have the talent to draw AND to write then I reckon you’re ahead of the game! As for when it’s correct to speak with words and when to speak with pictures, well… I don’t think there is a write (‘scuse me, right) moment. Nor do I think that certain kinds of literary works should be prohibited by convention from including art, fun or otherwise. In fact, to the contrary, I’d like to encourage those who right turgid and learned script to lighten up and scribble a doodle in the corner and INSIST that their publishers print the thing in its entirety!

    Anyway, keep drawing and writing and don’t let anything or anyone tell you it’s wrong. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Part of starting this blog has been to sort out how I want to say the things I want to say and I think that’s beginning to take shape.

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