What Did I Learn This Week? We’re on the edge of something.

Change is a word that makes me cringe.

It gets abused.

In today’s world, driven by ever evolving technology, it is practically the air we breath.

Politicians use it to sound fresh.

People of every kind fear it.

Never the less, change is the only word that we can use to describe where we are headed, and while change might be the only constant in life, the change we are moving into seems especially seismic.

The Change I See

We are all familiar with the polarization that is going on in our culture. Politics, news and media, even many Christians are fleeing to the right and to the left and digging a wider gulf between themselves.

Prominent voices on the right are looking to “take back the country, the facts, and the church”. They shout fearfully about the decay of everything they knew.

The calls from the left are all trying to progress beyond “the bygone days of old, stodgy social norms, and the superstition of religion.” They shout fearfully about being drug backwards toward everything they once knew.

Each side is sure they are right, and each seems more and more convinced that if you agree with any part of the other’s agenda, you must agree in every other way, and you are therefore the enemy.

The leaders in politics are living this out. The leaders who shape culture are living this out. Sadly, the leaders in the church are living this out in spades.

But who are they leading?

The more I talk to people, the more I read their blogs and their books, the more I see the divide growing between the people currently setting the agenda and the people who are waiting in the wings. There is a dissonance between the way we are told to understand the world and the way we see it work. We want to ask better questions, and we are demanding more authentic answers that take into consideration the complexities of issues.

Go read Purple State of Mind, or Evolving in Monkey Town, or engage in the conversation at any number of the blogs, and you sense that something different is in the air.[1]

It is not the case that we are looking to live in the muddled middle either. We want off the whole spectrum.

And when we jump off, I wonder who the current leaders will be leading. More importantly, will we be willing to step up and invite people to follow as we blaze this new trail.

What else did I learn this week?

  1. Where there’s one ant, there’s a problem.
    I knew I heard it. A crunchy, rustling sound, but try as I might the source eluded me. Until yesterday afternoon.

    The ant that had been crawling around my office turned out to be a whole colony of carpenter ants living in our wall. I discovered them after they had eaten almost a half an inch of this candy cane (that I thought was sealed). Gwynne tried to warn me, but I missed it. Hopefully the damage is minimal.

  2. Genesis 1 is freaking awesome.
    I’ll likely post about this next week, but Saturday I get to teach a conference on Genesis 1 and the holiness of God at the North American Convention of the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana. The more I research this passage the more amazing God becomes to me, and the more the image of God from the Old Testament looks like the image of God revealed in Jesus.

What did Micah learn this week?

This new segment is my chance to be a proud papa. Micah, our 18 month old son, is learning something new everyday. His joy when he learns it is contagious. I figured I would share some of my favorites (Words in “” are new to his lexicon).

  1. Closing doors is a fun game, until they latch and you’re alone.
  2. “Trucks” are awesome.
  3. “Eggs” and “Pancakes” are delicious.
  4. Bugs are “icky”.
  5. My name is “Micah”.


[1] The blogs listed are Rachel Held Evans, This is Me Thinking, David Santistevan, Donald Miller & Jeff Goins. What strikes me the most is not only the content, but the atmosphere in comments.

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