What Did I Learn This Week?

I love writing for this blog. More than I ever imagined, there’s something about creating a post and getting to share it with friends, family and whomever else might want to tag along that I simply enjoy. I’ve tried to do it before, a number of times, and nothing really caught hold so this time I’ve tried to be more simple in my set-up and more intentional in my learning how to be a better blogger.

After reading Darrell Vesterfelt’s Tips on Being Consistent this week, I learned that I need to be far more focused and consistent in my approach to blogging.

I love imagining this website as a space for community and recognize the importance for consistency in order that this community to thrive. It’s a reality that’s rattled around inside my head, nagging at my better intentions, for a while now. “You know, you really should have a schedule.” “All the good bloggers probably write way in advance.” “How many series have you started and not finished?” These thoughts and others have been with me, and so I sat down last night and came up with a plan. This plan does two things for this blog.

  1. It creates a predictable rhythm of posting and themes.
  2. It focuses the scope of my writing.

I needed this second part more than I’d realized. I wasn’t sure what I wanted this blog to be so I just started writing. Anything that came to mind. Thoughts on sports, culture, and politics – sure. My design process, why not. However, what I’ve noticed, is that my focus has begun to revolve around my thoughts of God, the church, and the impact culture has had on the our understanding and expression of the gospel. So that’s going to be my main focus as I write, but I won’t hesitate to post freely when time and purpose allows.

Without further ado, here’s my new blogging plan.

  1. Monday: Weekend Rewind. I’m a youth pastor and our group’s main teaching time is Sunday nights. As a way to share what we’re learning (because I rarely teach on things that don’t apply to Christians of all ages) and to offer materials in addition to what we talked about on Sunday nights, Monday’s posts will recap and support Sunday’s lesson.
  2. Wednesday: Serial Posts. I like series, but as you might have noticed I often start them and don’t finish them. Having a set day for a series will offer me the chance to work on a broader topic with some accountability to see it through. The first series: Thoughts on Unity in the Church.
  3. Friday: What did I learn this week? I love to learn, and I listen to sermons and lectures every day. I also try and read constantly whether its books or blogs or whatever, so on Friday I want to share something that I learned that I feel might be a benefit to others as well.

So that’s the plan. We’ll see what happens. As other things pop up on the radar I’ll post them, but this will give our experience here some much needed focus and structure.

What do you think? Do you like it when blogs have an identified pattern for their posts or do you prefer a more random approach? Do you have any tips on making the experience here richer for the reader?


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