Reflections on Unity – Introduction

It takes me a while to process things. I try to process ideas quickly, but it just doesn’t always happen. As the Rally to Restore Unity comes to a close I find that my head is left with all these thoughts that I want to get out. So I’m going to create a series called, “Reflections on Unity” and I want to spend the next week posting some of my thoughts on the topic here. I’m not sure how long this series will go, perhaps 3 parts, but I know a single post will not suffice.

Hopefully others are looking forward to continuing the discussion about unity as well, and this past week will have long lasting echoes on into the future.

I’ll leave this introduction with a thank you to Rachel Held Evans for all the work she’s done to pull this together these last two weeks. Reading and compiling posts and keeping everyone informed of what’s going on, and setting up the opportunity to donate to dig a well, and bringing in so many voices to share during the week is not an easy task. I am thankful she was willing to put it together. If nothing else I can say that being a part of it forced me into more than one situation where I had to make real decisions based on my convictions about the unity of the church. It came to mind more than once to think,

“If I’m going to champion unity as a part of the rally, then I’d better make sure I respond to this with that goal in mind.”

It was a blessing, and in the end I know my work in God’s ministry as well as my own faith are better for it. Thank you.

I pray the Spirit would guide us into true unity in the name of our Lord Jesus.


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