Blame me for disunity. #RestoreUnity

The unity of the church is of great importance to the witness of the gospel of Jesus. I know this and yet I routinely live as though the fractured church is a healthy church. This is my confession to the church of God, as a part of the Rally to Restore Unity, of 5 things I do regularly to contribute to the problem.

  1. I ferociously study passages of scripture that my opponents use to support their position in order to debunk their work, and assume that all of the exegesis and historical study of people with whom I agree is flawless.
  2. I refuse to confront my opponents in love when I disagree with them, because it is easier to come home and yell about them to my wife.
  3. I rarely, if ever pray for my opponents – especially in the area where I disagree with them for fear that God might reveal to me my own misunderstandings on the topic of contention.
  4. I regularly seek out sermons and books by people with whom I have previously agreed, something I only rarely do for my opponents.
  5. I have the audacity to label my brothers and sisters in Christ as my opponents.
I seek forgiveness of the church body at large, and I pray that in my restoration I will do the hard work of self-examination as a means to work toward unity for the sake of Christ. I am committing to walking away from the above practices and toward a life that is full of more grace, forgiveness and honesty. May God continue to use the work of the people who are a part of the Rally to Restore Unity to bless the church and call her back to true unity, unity in the love of Christ for the purpose of his Kingdom.

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