Jesus Creed for Students: It came!

Jesus Creed for Students CoverToday I was actually jumping up and down in the driveway like a kid at Christmas. Seriously.

Near the end of March, I posted about Scot McKnight giving away copies of his new study, Jesus Creed for Students, to people who would agree to review it on their blog or Facebook page. I was really excited for the opportunity, but after I sent in my email, and got confused about when I was supposed to say something on my blog and Facebook, I didn’t really know what to expect. I hadn’t received any word back and had thought maybe, in all the confusion, I’d got my email in too late or something (honest moment: I also thought maybe my email didn’t sound “official enough” to be taken seriously, but I digress – or confess – or something).

Needless to say, I was surprised and overly excited when I checked the mail today and found my copy had arrived! I’m sure my neighbors thought I was crazy, but they are my neighbors so they might think that anyways.

I am excited to read through this book and let people know about it. I’m going to post about it first from my own perspective–sitting down and reading it and processing what I think of the content and the presentation. Then, I’m going to get together a group of senior high students, and I’m going to go through the study with them and post about their thoughts and their experiences. I’m really excited for this opportunity and I hope it helps people in youth ministry find one more good resource to help students love God and love others, which is the whole point of the Jesus Creed.


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