April 3 Sermon: The Six Beginnings of God’s Plan

So here it is, my sermon from April 3. I know at least some folks (mom) were interested in hearing it and couldn’t be there that Sunday, so I’ve posted it on Vimeo. I was surprised about the length of it to be honest, although I shouldn’t be, I knew how long my manuscript was and then I added my illustrations on the go. It is a bit long (52 min), but hopefully it holds together. You can watch it here or head over to Vimeo and check it out. The quality of the file won’t be any different between the two, however.

The Six Beginnings in God’s Plan from Joe Watkins on Vimeo.

I’d love to get some people’s feedback on a couple things specifically, especially if any of my pastor friends check it out.


What do you think of the 6 beginnings and what would you add to complete the picture? Does this help you to make sense of something in scripture that you’d struggled with before (as I claim it will in the sermon)? What conclusion or idea would you like to challenge in the content of the sermon?


What would you change about the presentation of the material? Especially pastors who preach regularly, what could I have done better? How could I have structured the material to make it more cohesive?

I have my own thoughts in both areas, and I’d be pretty quick to admit I’d change more than a few things about the presentation especially. Please feel free to be honest in your assessment, I’m putting it on my blog in this way because I want to get feedback from people so…(gulp)…have at it.

NOTE: I did trim some introductory comments, including my references to the people whose work influenced and shaped this sermon. Those people include N.T. Wright, Scot McKnight, Dallas Willard, Robert Mulholland Jr., and Ben Witherington III. I hope I’ve done justice to the work they’ve done as I’ve tried to synthesize it along with my own reading of scripture.


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