The 2 Device Theory

Today on his blog (which I highly recommend) Seth Godin suggested a lifestyle change I just might embrace. He suggests that a primary reason we are so willing to do things throughout the day other than the work we could be doing is because we use the same device for work and leisure.

His solution: 2 devices. Like many of Godin’s ideas, this one makes a good deal of sense. While I hesitate to support a “get more stuff” approach to life, this seems like it would be easy enough to implement with the stuff I already have so I, for one, and going to give it a whirl.

I will begin to use my iMac for work. What’s work? My lesson planning, my writing, my illustration projects, my design projects, activities that as Godin describes them “create valued output.”

I will then use my new Cruz eReader (which is certainly not an iPad, but will do for the time being) for other stuff. I can use it for Facebook and blog reading, and checking on sports scores, etc. All the stuff I do that after I’ve done them I tend to think, “Wow, I could have been doing something more useful just now.”

So how about you? Do you have a secondary computer or device that you could dedicate to leisure activities? If not…What other ways might you be able to deliniate your usage of time?


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