What I learned tonight…

So the youth group did some babysitting for families in the church tonight to raise money for upcoming events. I decided to do some “doodles” while I watched them run around and enjoy the night. I chose not to plan many of the drawings, but just sort of start with a line and see where things ended. Like this…

This is a fun exercise and I learned a few things in doing it as well.

1. Drawing this way helps me capture energy. When I plan stuff too much you might gain detail, but if you’re not careful you lose the action of the moment. Wanna know what it was like tonight? Look at the energy above.

2. I’m not called to children’s ministry. There’s a part of me that wants to say, “I don’t know how someone who works with little kids all day does it!” except I do. I hear those things said to me all the time when I mention I’m a youth pastor and work with teens, and the reality is that when God’s made you to fit that role, there is something wired inside of you that comes alive in that environment. Are there days you are tired and what not, sure, but on the whole, when you are designed to minister to children or teens or adults you find your rhythm in your working.


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