Toilet Paper the World!

As I drew yesterday’s picture and was reminded of my Art History classes (as I mentioned), I was specifically reminded of the class I took at Mount Vernon Nazarene College with Rhett Miller! So today’s drawing is honor of those classes.

It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s ok. When we were taking this class together I got in the habit of drawing these random, ribbon-like streamer things that also resembled toilet paper blowing through the air (I guess). I’ve since learned that I am a kinesthetic learner and I learn better if my hands are busy with something like drawing, and what I was doing was keeping my brain turned on during the lecture. I later learned to harness this for good and basically cartooned my way through Anderson University’s School of Theology.

Anyways, Rhett and I joked about these doodles and entitled them “toilet papering the world” so in remembrance of those classes, and in honor of Rhett finding out he and his wife Celine are having a baby boy, I present to you, “Toilet Papering the World.”


One Reply to “Toilet Paper the World!”

  1. whoot whoot!!! ah yeaaahh.. Good stuff. I do remember that day in a lecture class… perhaps an Art History class.. those were the days..

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