When in…Greece?

Sketch of Parthenon

So I’m working on a project now that’s a bit of a dream come true for me, it’s my first 100% illustration project and I decided to post a sketch from it for today’s post. It’s a fun project that allows me to draw a lot of amazing places around the world in fun, simple ways. This is the Parthenon in Greece, and drawing it really took me back to all my Art and Art History classes at Ohio State. We’d learn about all of these amazing works of architecture and sculpture from around the world and how it tied into the culture at the time.

I’ll probably post bits and pieces from the project for a little while before unveiling more details. Maybe I’ll do some process images of the old Parthenon up there so folks can see how it moves from a pencil sketch to a final illustration. Is anyone even interested in that sort of thing?


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