The year that happened “to” us.

Well, it’s a new year. It has been for a couple of weeks now and with a new year comes reflections on the past year. As Gwynne and I sat down and looked back at 2010 we came to the conclusion that 2010 was the year that happened “to” us. Micah was born in December of 2009 and the following year became 12 months of adjusting to what that meant for our life. It’s frustrating when you look back and see a whole year during which you simply seemed to be reacting to circumstances. We realized we sort of had no real goal beyond keeping this little life we’d been given alive.

I suppose that’s a noble goal, but we figured out we need to do more. There are seasons of survival in life. Times when you batten down the hatches and get through to the other side. This can be in time of great crisis or great change and we most certainly experienced the latter in 2010. But in 2011 we want to be more. I want to be more. So we’ve decided to be more intentional in what we do. The intentional life seems to be the opposite of the reactionary life. It calls for predetermining what one will do before the circumstances challenge you to do something else. Impulse is traded in for decision. Emotional pull gives way to intellectual decision making. Ease for difficulty and laziness for discipline.

So we are trimming the fat (in more ways then one) and focusing on the things that matter. I am really excited for the work that I’m starting to do with the youth group at New Life. I have given myself more time to plan and study and it has paid off. I am also able to dream more about where we might go and how we might see those dreams become a reality. It is exciting to think of all the possibilities that a new year and a renewed focus can bring.

In the end that seems to be the gift of the new year. It’s a chance to begin again, a cultural marker that calls us to reflection, and challenges us to grow into a more complete version of ourselves. It sounds cheesy in a way, but so far, I am truly excited for where God is leading this family in 2011.

Oh yeah, and I’m going to try and blog more *wink*.


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