Really? Another blog huh?

So I’ve tried this over and over again. I’ve had zero success keeping it going, and yet I still feel compelled to have a blog. I have things to say. Things about design, things about myself, things about God, things about the world around us all, and lots of other things, and I can’t find a meaningful way to say these things.

The assumption that I’m making, of course, is that somebody out there might actually care to hear the things I’m thinking or saying.

To minimize the effects of failure I’m starting this blog. If it goes well and people engage in what I’m saying then I’ll move the blog to a more permanent place – say to (which doesn’t exist yet). If it doesn’t, hey no harm no foul.

So there it is, I’ve started another blog and we’ll see how this goes. Feel free to comment on whatever you find here be it good or bad. I just want to engage in conversation with people about topics I find interesting.


2 Replies to “Really? Another blog huh?”

  1. I feel how you feel…and I want to encourage you to keep blogging. There is always something that you can say that others haven’t thought of and it is valuable.

    1. Thanks Shannon! I’m hoping to find a couple of days each week to post something at least. I really would like to get some good conversations going about issues from time to time. We’ll see what happens

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